Local TO Reminds Players It May Take A Few Tourneys to Memorize Everyone’s Triggers


Saying he would try his best to learn them all by heart, North Louisiana Smash Bros. tournament organizer Paul “10 Piece” McGee took a moment at the past Saturday’s weekly tournament to remind the regular players it will take him a few tourneys to memorize everyone’s triggers.

“We’re still a budding scene, so I may have a hard time remembering which characters, rules, and strategies everyone can comfortably use, so if you could all write your Smash 4 triggers down on the sheet I’m passing around, I can start putting faces to sensitivities,” said 10 Piece, who asked each player to help him out by consistently complaining about the characters and tactics that bothered them during each weekly and reminding him what strategies are off-limits to them the first few times they are paired against them in tournament.

“I apologize in advance if I mix you up and accidentally confuse your triggers with someone else’s; you’re just going to have to bear with me on this. We have dozens of new players this season, so it’s going to be a bit of a challenge recalling which characters aren’t allowed to be played against each of you. If a certain character or move gives you discomfort to face, then it will be banned.”

10 Piece added that he also could be personally contacted on the North LA Smash 4 Discord server for any player who would like to individually threaten him with calls for administrative disciplinary action should he happen to allow a strategy that caused them personal distress at a future tournament.

At press time, one local Smasher, Caleb “Felagund” Daniel was seen furiously scribbling “Rosalina’s Down B” on his list of moves that should be banned from future events.


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