Smasher Tells Friend to DI in, Wants to Try Something


Midway through a training session with his sparring partner Ron “Sketchy” Holmes, local Smasher Jose “Nickels” Soto asked his friend to hold DI inwards while he tries something real quick.

“Just DI in, okay Ron? I want to try a little something here,” Nickels explained as he picked Captain Falcon on the character selection screen. Nickels added that he “saw another player do this combo once” and wants to see if it actually works. “Should only take a few seconds. I just want to see what happens.”

“Oh, and don’t air dodge either, alright?” Soto hastily added.

Promising that it wouldn’t be used as part of his upcoming Falcon combo video, Nickels turned to his Elgato Game Capture program and pressed record. At press time, Nickels reportedly took a breath, used a Down Throw on Sketchy’s Link, and muttered to himself, “Okay, here goes.”


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