Local Smasher Unaware of Actually Winning Recent Tournament


Insisting that he had only just finished his first set, North Louisiana Smasher Christian “Axis” Thibodeaux was reportedly unaware of winning the recent ULM Smash Bros. tournament the past Friday evening.

“I’m just really excited to see who I’m playing next in bracket”, said Thibodeaux, who explained that he was still a bit exhausted from a close first set of the tournament but was anticipating some challenges moving ahead.

“There are so many new players here. I can’t wait to see who I face next. I wonder where I can check the bracket”, Axis shared, when asked for a word and clearly under the impression that there was much more Smash yet to be played despite having just walked away with a clean 3-0 sweep in Grand Finals against Aaron “GroundOwl” Cole.

“We’re all really proud of him for winning that night. But he just doesn’t seem to know he actually did.” remarked tournament organizer Paul “10 Piece” McGee.

At press time, Axis was reported to have just run to the restroom to prepare for his alleged next match, muttering to himself, “This tournament is really stacked. I hope I can win this…”


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