Some observations on Get Good Smash 4.1, the first of the KLPI Tech biweeklies this season.

#1: The other regions owned us

While personally I am more than ready to count our Slidell brethren as Tech players just like everyone else, it’s hard to feel that way when they’re consistently dominating the top placings.

For the second time in three possible tournaments, the trio of Axis, EJ, and Friend took 3 of the top 4 spots.

This time, however, Axis was denied first place by none other than RJ, the Donkey Kong main from Central Louisiana.

As weird as it felt for players from other regions to take all of the Top 4, watching the sets between Axis and RJ was nonethless very enjoyable. The 7th-ranked player on the state PR against an HM on the state PR was definitely a matchup we don’t usually get up here. RJ reached into his bag of characters to help him pull out the 2-set Grand Finals win, and props to him for that. Hope to see him in North LA again soon!

#2: 5th place again

Sketchy seems to be quite stuck in a very specific performance range. Of the five tournaments so far this season, he has placed exactly 5th in four of them.

His run at GG 4.1 looked very promising. The Link main took a solid PR victory 2-0 against TRiST, and even managed to take a game from Axis.

But then he ran into Friend in losers quarters for the second time. With a combination of unfortunate SD’s and inevitable ding-dongs, Sketchy was once again denied the taste of Top 4, falling 2-1.

#3: Absol loses another heavyweight battle

Absol and EJ met in bracket for the first time back at Tech Central 7, where EJ came from losers and defeated the reigning top Tech player 3-1, 3-1.

This time at GG 4.1, Absol again came short of overcoming the mighty Boozer, getting eliminated 2-1 by EJ in losers quarters.

EJ is quickly asserting himself as the second-best Tech player behind his friend Axis, with several solid 3rd-place finishes.

#4: Wait, Axis might be… human?

Props to both Sketchy and Nickels for each taking a game off the amazing Axis. Axis still cleaned up both those sets and only lost to RJ, but it’s encouraging for the rest of us to see that he at least can be beaten, maybe.

#5: TRiST and Jrod underperform

TRiST saw some really good results at USC5, his first tournament of the season. He placed 5th and racked up some quality wins.

At GG 4.1, however, he wasn’t able to get much traction going (small Sonic pun). He fell 0-2 to Sketchy in only his second match, and was then promptly eliminated 1-2 by Absol, finishing outside Top 8.

Hopefully TRiST will be able to come out to some more tournaments soon and redeem himself.

After starting the season with solid placings at MBC3 and TC6, Jrod’s performance seems to have fallen off a bit of late. He placed 17th at both USC5 and TC7, and here at GG 4.1 he was only able to take one win (a very fun and super close set against me).

Falling in back-to-back sets against DK mains RJ and Friend, Jrod finished outside Top 8 for the third tournament in a row.

As often as he attends, Jrod will surely have no shortage of chances to break back into the upper echelon of North LA Smash.

#6: I finally got Top 8!

I mean, I’m not even notable, I just wanted to point it out.



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