After many tournaments and much deliberating, the Fall 2016 North Louisiana Smash 4 Power Ranking is live! Take a look at the final list.


The PR was constructed from the votes of every PR contender as well as the Tournament Organizers of the region.

Please enjoy the following summaries of the PR members:

1. Axis

Hey-o! Hailing from Slidell and already a member of the state PR, Axis came to Louisiana Tech and quickly established himself as the best player in North LA. Wielding his tandem of Greninja and Marth with deadly precision, Axis was only ever challenged this season by his friend EJ or out-of-region talent. Must be something in that honey.

2. EJ

Another Tech freshman from Slidell, EJ and his big blue Boozer pivot-grabbed their way into the North LA scene in a big way. Although he struggled early against fellow pivot-grabber GroundOwl, EJ’s consistent top placings and quality wins cemented him at the #2 position this season. Finishing with a 3-5 record against Axis, EJ will have a chance to turn things around and surpass his rival in the spring.

3. Ramsaur

North LA’s foremost counter-picker and salt lord, Ramsaur was a challenge to rank due to his tendency to travel out of region for competition. When he was around, however, Ramsaur pretty much dominated all those below him. With only one negative set record this season (Axis), his #3 placing is hard to dispute. Not that he cares, this isn’t even Brawl.

4. GroundOwl

Leading the charge for the Monroe scene, this Olimar main came out swinging (or rather, throwing) early this season. Essentially losing to no one but Axis for the first couple months, GroundOwl then fell off a bit, both in attendance and consistency. Still, his overall results and positive record against EJ helped ground this owl at a solid 4th place.

5. Absoltastic

Ruston’s resident Wi-Fi warrior, Absol has proven time and again that while his success may stem from online practice, it certainly doesn’t end there. His deceptively technical King Dedede served as the gatekeeper for the top 5 this season, consistently handling those below him and struggling against those above. Seeing an upset against Absol is about as rare as seeing him angry. Claiming he will soon have the download on the Slidell boys, Absol will look to climb from gatekeeper status in the spring.


Stay tuned for writeups on the bottom 5 as well!


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