Monroe Battle Circuit 5, held January 28, was quite an exciting and stacked tournament for the North LA Smash region. A lot of good sets were recorded on video. Enjoy this tournament summary given in quick-hit highlights.

Round 1

The top North LA player wasted no time in making the highlight reel at MBC5. Christian “Axis” Thibodeaux defeated Blazerfury with absolutely no chill as he carries the helpless Toon Link across the stage for the tipper kill.

In one of the best matchups of Round 1, “Epic Oswald” has “SweetFlying” in a pretty helpless edgeguard situation, but he whiffs the second hit of up B. Sweetflying instinctively back airs him, which almost definitely saved Oswald’s life. This seriously unfortunate offstage interaction contributed to SweetFlying losing the game and the set.

In another intense Round 1 match, Caleb “Felagund” Daniel’s Lucas secondary came through in a big way. After going 1-1 with his Corrin, Victor “Saint Johns” Anderson attempts to trigger Felagund with the rare Game 3 Cloud. Twenty seconds into the match, however, Felagund gets this early gimp off of a down air spike. Felagund’s only comment was that the taunt was aimed directly at Cloud as a character.

Round 2

As Pikachu players like to do, Kyle “Gunnermaniac” Runnels went deep offstage for the kill. This time, however, after dragging Paul “10 Piece” McGee down to the depths, Gunner could not recover. He did, however, manage to triumph in an extremely close set.

Round 3

Ron “Sketchy” Holmes gets a long-range snipe kill on Kenneth “Giovanni” Montgomery. Sketchy went on to defeat Giovanni 2-0. This was somewhat of an upset, considering Giovanni was perhaps the best player in Ruston before temporarily leaving Tech. Sketchy would later get this exact same kill during his set against Absol.

Round 4

Axis returns to the highlight reel in Round 4 with another coast-to-coast kill on a Toon Link. This time the victim was Danny “Limen” Do. Axis would ultimately take the set, but not before creating yet another highlight.

Poor Limen. Axis finishes the set by taking advantage of the Duck Hunt bush and shadow-sneaking Toon Link into the Shadow Realm.

Losers Round 6

Limen would soon get some redemption. In a Hero of Hyrule battle royale against Ron “Sketchy” Holmes in Round 6 of losers, Limen applies nice pressure on the Smashville platform until Link’s shield gives way. An easy F-smash for the kill helped Limen secure the game and the set.

Winners Semifinals

In game 1 of this Winners Semifinals match, Matt “Absoltastic” Brandl punishes Axis’s attempt to deal with Gordo by catching his landing with a big ol’ Dededash attack. Maybe it’s not always a bad thing to fall flat on your face.

In the following game, Axis manages to 2-frame Absol’s invincible recovery with a well-placed down air. Axis also took the set in clean 2-0 fashion, despite the previous dash attack.

Winners Finals

“Ho ho ho! Orekara hai kanko. Sore wa Anata ga Anata no kyodai. Kogawana otoku tu sakai sure tame jen ken detsu.”

You know the rest.

Losers Quarters

In a Ruston heavyweight championship, Absol managed to triumph 2-1 against Giovanni and advance to the top 4. The win was thanks in part to this down smash that actually hit DK out of the air. But what really makes this highlight is the quick crouch-taunt from Absol that follows. That jolly penguin is lowkey quite sassy.

Losers Semis

After forcing Aaron “GroundOwl” Cole to switch off of Olimar, Absol gets this deep down air dunk on GOwl’s ROB in game 2. While GroundOwl does manage to take this game anyway, ROB’s unsafe recovery ended up being his downfall, as Absol gets another down air spike in game 3.

Losers Finals

Losers finals was perhaps the best set of the day; a lot of great plays were made on both sides. Absol took the first highlight and the first game by trapping Axis between a ledge Gordo and a fat penguin butt. Between falling down and sitting down, Dedede certainly knows how to take stocks in entertaining ways.

Absol also took the second game of Losers finals, due in part to this shield break KO.

Down 2-0 in do-or-die situation, Axis began his comeback. He sealed game 3 with this nifty little drag-down up air to down-smash.

Axis finished off game 4 with this super clean confirm into a tipper F-smash, quite an early kill across the stage on Dedede. Axis would go on to get the reverse 3-0 and advance to his runback with EJ.

Grand Finals

Here in game 2 of the first set of Grand Finals, we see our heroes exchanging mortal blows in quick succession. Bowser nets a quick side-B kill but then almost immediately falls into a Greninja up-smash. This back-and-forth interaction encapsulates how the matches between these Slidell natives had been going up to this point. Axis manages to reset the bracket with a 3-1 score and forces another set.

In a Grand Finals that included at least four stage spikes (not to mention a few more from their Winners Finals match), there were not necessarily an abundance of highlight-worthy moments. In the end, however, EJ finished up a quick 3-0 in the second set of grands with this bold short-hop punish. Where Axis had the set lead 5-3 last season, EJ started Season 2 with two commanding set wins on his Slidell rival.


That’s all the highlights for this time. This is a new form of tournament summary that I’m trying for the first time, so please let me know how you like it. Tune in Friday, February 10 for the next North Lousiana Smash 4 tournament, Tech Central 11.


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