With ULM Smash Climax, the most highly anticipated tournament in North LA history, just around the corner, players from across the I-20 corridor gathered at Monroe Battle Circuit 7 to test their skills and scout out the competition one final time before the main event.

MBC7 saw top players, quality individual performances, and high-octane action. Take a look through this comprehensive highlight reel that breaks down each of the 24 recorded sets!

Winners Round 3 (continued)

Seven v. Nin (Seven 2-1)

Here in game 1 we find another anime sword battle, this time featuring some relentless edguarding by Seven’s Cloud. Seven picks up the kill soon after this highlight, but I wanted to show just how long he was able to keep Nin offstage.

10 Piece v. Sketchy (10 Piece 2-0)


Here 10 Piece again demonstrates how deceptively dangerous a simple spring can be against characters with linear recoveries. This was the final stock of the set, and 10 Piece was able to take it incredibly early.

Other sets of note

  • Axis 2, Absoltastic 0


Losers Round 3

Sketchy v. Felagund (Sketchy 2-0)

It doesn’t necessarily make for a great highlight, but this is basically how every one of Felagund’s deaths went down in this set. Sketchy spot-dodges an unsafe option and punishes with Link’s super strong kill moves. These smart, quick kills on the part of Sketchy turned two otherwise very close games into death fests.

Other sets of note

  • Absoltastic 2, Talon 0
  • Nin 2, EJ 0
  • Shiplord 2, GroundOwl 1


Losers Round 4

Sketchy v. Shiplord (Sketchy 2-1)

Sketchy decided to choose Falco to counter Shiplord’s Fox, resulting in a Star Fox battle royale. We can see the character choice begin to pay dividends for Sketchy here in the first stock of the set. The long-lasting hitboxes of Falco’s forward air intercept Fox’s side B, drag him down, and send him to his death.

Sketchy wraps up the game by going deep offstage to intercept a FireFox recovery with a vicious down air. But the best part of this highlight is the Dragon Ball-esque pose Falco makes while looking down at his fallen enemy.

Other sets of note

  • Absoltastic 2, Nin 1


Winners Semifinals

Axis v. Seven (Axis 2-0)

In the highly anticipated first meetup between Axis and Seven, it looked like Seven might actually be able to topple the king for a moment. Then, here in game 1, a ledge trump from Axis forces Seven to re-grab the ledge. Ever vigilant, Axis takes this opportunity to seal Seven’s stock with a vicious spike. This began a remarkable comeback that allowed Axis to snatch game 1 away from his challenger.

In game 2, Axis switched to Marth and just absolutely WENT IN on Seven. Here in Seven’s last stock, Axis hits him 11 times over 15 seconds, brings him from 6% to 84%, and brings him so far offstage that he cannot return. Unlike the first game, this one wasn’t close.

Ramsaur v. 10 Piece (Ramsaur 2-0)

Ramsaur opted for Game and Watch to end 10 Piece’s impressive winners bracket run. Here he hands 10 Piece a quick 48%, culminating in a charged up smash that simply overpowers Sonic’s infamous spindash.


Losers Round 5

Sketchy v. Seven (Sketchy 2-0)

Here in our third anime sword battle, Sketchy demonstrates what has to be the worst part of the matchup for Cloud. Link’s forward tilt interrupted Cloud before he could grab ledge several times throughout this set. Here Sketchy picks up the game 1 win despite Seven’s sizeable lead.

While Sketchy’s last clip may have been a bit cheesy, this string on Seven’s Cloud in game 2 is definitely one for a highlight reel. This string of down throw, up smash, fair and dash attack takes Cloud across the stage and racks up a total of 54%.

10 Piece v. Absol (10 Piece 2-0)

In probably the upset of the day, 10 Piece was able to overcome both Absol’s Bayonetta and his King Dedede to advance to losers semifinals. While this clip is essentially just an F-smash, it’s interesting for two reasons. First, it illustrates how Sonic’s speed can confound Dedede’s neutral game. In the time it takes Absol to throw his Gordo, 10 Piece is already behind him. Secondly, this is about the farthest I’ve seen King Dedede fly to hit the blast zone. Even at 136%, sending this fat penguin across the entire stage, on Battlefield no less, to kill him is no small feat.


Losers Semifinals

Sketchy v. 10 Piece (Sketchy 2-0)

After being in lots of recorded sets already throughout the day, these two players didn’t have much in the way of clip-worthy moments here in losers semis. Despite dropping the set, 10 Piece did have this nice kill combo in game 2, pursuing Sketchy to the very top edge of the screen, following his DI, and reacting accordingly.


Winners Finals

Axis v. Ramsaur (Axis 3-1)

In winners finals, Ramsaur was no match for Axis and his surgical precision. Kill confirms like this one reigned supreme as Axis punishes Ramsaur’s airdodge into the ground and converts it into a victory.

Despite losing the set, Ramsaur did a couple silly things to Axis, such as this early kill via monkey flip. In the end, it wasn’t enough, but it’s still fun to watch.


Losers Finals

Ramsaur v. Sketchy (Ramsaur 3-0)

Here we see Shulk switching into buster mode… Buster Mode… BUSter MOde… BUSTER MODE.

All memes aside, there are a few real highlights from this set. For instance, Ramsaur may have stolen Sketchy’s very soul with this hard roll read.

Moments like this encapsulate Ramsaur as a player. Once he can figure out his opponent, he does not hesitate to call out their habits and attempt to punish them hard. If you’re not careful, you’ll find that the more you play him, the worse it goes for you.


Grand Finals

Axis v. Ramsaur (Axis 3-2)

Axis finished an intense game 1 in Grand Finals with this relentless pursuit of Ramsaur’s Mario. After the nair-to-upair combo sends Ram offstage, Axis presses the advantage rather than relaxing, and it pays off to grant him the win. This would be the only game Axis wins with Greninja throughout the set.

Ramsaur attempted to mount a response in game 2 with a vicious offstage pursuit of his own, reading Axis’s airdodge and sending him plummeting to the depths. Even still, Ramsaur could not come away with the win in game 2. He could, however, proceed to take games 3 and 4 off Axis’s Greninja, forcing a game 5 situation in grand finals.

Unfortunately, game 5 did not start off well for Ramsaur. Marth’s quick dolphin slash not only saved him from Mario’s forward air, it also sent poor Mario into the infamous pineapple zone. Pineapple may go well on pizza, but not so well in Smash.

After getting the ledge trump to back air, Ramsaur realizes that Axis is in a tough spot to recover. He smartly shuts down Axis’s attempt to propel himself with Shield Breaker, keeping him well offstage with a FLUDD. With Whispy’s help, he is able to force Marth too far away for Dolphin Slash to save him. And so it all came down to one final stock.

Despite a grim situation, Ramsaur managed to hang on long enough to get Axis back around kill percent. However, Axis brings home first place once again as he patiently waits for Ramsaur to drop his shield, spacing himself for the tippered F-tilt that would bring it all home.


And that wraps up this two-part, in-depth summary of all the action from Monroe Battle Circuit 7. Make sure to check out the first part HERE, and you can find the condensed, no-analysis version of the best of the best highlights HERE.


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