After many tournaments and much deliberating, the Season 2 North Louisiana Smash 4 Power Ranking is live! Take a look at the final list.

PR season 2.png

Data used for the Season 2 PR came from every tournament from January to April of 2017. The PR was constructed from the votes of the PR council, which included some of the best players in the region as well as its TO’s.

Now, in keeping with the music album theme, here are the writeups for the top 10:


Rank: 1 (+1)

Main: Bowser

Our first artist is a freshman from Slidell who rose to first place on the Season 2 PR album on the strength of his many tournament wins and 3-1 record against previous #1 Axis. Wielding his signature instrument, the pivot grab, EJ’s performances are nothing if not consistent. He wears the same hoodie, gets the same Bowser combos, always places high, and consistently makes terrible puns just to make Felagund proud. The only thing longer than his pivot grab range is his hearing range if someone mentions anime.



Rank: 2 (-1)

Main: Greninja/Marth

Hey-o! Also a freshman from Slidell, our second act is a versatile artist who can perform with a Greninja or Marth equally well. His instrument of choice depends on the venue. Axis fell to second on the album mainly due to a losing record to EJ, but he only lost 1 other set to in-region competition all season long. With unique stage quirks like drinking honey and inserting a “boop” with his fist bumps, Axis is a fan favorite wherever he performs.



Rank: 3 (no change)

Main: Counterpick

North LA’s foremost counterpicker and salt lord, Ramsaur performs third in the region once again. Our most high-utility artist, he plays an array of characters to get the job done. He tried to rise beyond #3 on the set list with a solid 4-2 record over EJ, but ultimately an 0-8 record against Axis held him back. Ramsaur is well-known for his fiery rage on stage, but he’s working on rebranding his image as an artist. Maybe a less salty Ramsaur can rise to the top of the album next season. But who cares, really, this isn’t even Brawl.



Rank: 4 (+1)

Main: King Dedede

Ruston’s resident Wi-Fi warrior, Absol has proven time and again that while his success as an artist may stem from work in the studio, it certainly translates to the live shows as well. He takes the clunky and cumbersome instrument that is King Dedede and turns it into a deceptively technical musical machine. With super consistent placings and solid records against those below him, Absol was able to move into the top 4 this time around. Seeing him lose to someone below him is about as rare as seeing him angry. You’ll never find a more chill and friendly presence on stage.



Rank: 5 (-1)

Main: Olimar

Secondary: R.O.B.

Another maestro of the pivot grab, GroundOwl is the sole representative of Monroe this time around. While he didn’t make it to as many concerts as most of the others, Owl is still a consistent performer, with several excellent placings and two wins on Absol. He plays more for the fun than the glory, and he’s one of the last guys in the region you’d ever see throwing shade. He prefers throwing Pikmin.



Rank: 6 (returning)

Main: Cloud

Secondary: Sheik, everyone else

I know, I know. We almost made the dream come true with Seven at #7. But this artist with the catchy name was just too good, earning a higher spot. Coming out of hiatus, Seven took fans by storm at Monroe Battle Circuit 6 with a rockin’ first place finish. As the season wrapped up, Seven emerged with wins over Ramsaur, Absol, and Sketchy to add to his tournament victory. With crisp fundamentals and even crispier memes as his main instruments, Seven is perhaps the truest embodiment of what North Louisiana aims to be. When not on tour, Seven can be found writing songs about alcohol while chewing dip on his tractor.



Rank: 7 (-1)

Main: Link

Attending a Sketchy concert is a rollercoaster. One moment he plays his signature Link like it’s a Stradivarius violin, and the next it’s more like the keyboard app on an Ipad Mini. Okay, I may be exaggerating, but with a mountain of data flowing from perfect concert attendance, Sketchy was extremely hard to place on the final album set list. He ultimately came to rest at 7th on the strength of a win over GroundOwl and Absol, as well as a handful of top 3 finishes. In addition to his perfect attendance, Sketchy must also be commended for regularly hosting jam sessions called Sketch Fests throughout the season. The Triforce is almost within this hero’s grasp, and perhaps next season he’ll be able to claim it.


Grape Ape

Rank: 8 (first appearance)

Main: Donkey Kong/Ike

After just barely being snubbed from last season’s list, there was no way Grape Ape was missing out again. Masquerading as Nickels last season, he felt a name change back to his roots was in order this time around. This change along with focusing even more on Smash 4 over Melee and PM helped Grape Ape ensure his breakthrough into the top 10. Several quality wins and a top 8 finish all but one time were impressive, but Grape Ape’s claim to fame this season is his win over Brawlerg down in South Louisiana. With his trusty memes always at his side, Grape Ape is dependable in bringing the hype when a fellow Ruston performer is on stage.



Rank: 9 (returning)

Main: Pikachu

Did someone say Gunner? Oh, not the best character in the game. Just some guy who barely plays Smash 4. Gunner would most accurately be described as a Pokemon speedrunner/streamer first and a Brawl player second. Nonetheless, even with minimal care or effort, Gunner was able to quick attack cancel his way onto the list. With 3 wins on Sketchy and 2 top-five finishes, Gunner could not be denied a spot this season. And if you don’t like it, just play Corrin.



Rank: 10 (first appearance)

Main: Fox

Never let it be said that you can’t complain your way to stardom. Our final artist on the album is as relentless with seeding complaints as he is with his Fox neutral game. To be fair, SweetFlying did have to square off with Grape Ape and Sketchy more than his share of times, but he persevered and up-tilted his way into the top 10 just before graduating college. Put that on your résumé, SweetFlying, and hopefully you’ll never have to deliver pizzas again.




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