MBC7 Summary (Part 1)

With ULM Smash Climax, the most highly anticipated tournament in North LA history, just around the corner, players from across the I-20 corridor gathered at Monroe Battle Circuit 7 to test their skills and scout out the competition one final time before the main event. MBC7 saw top players, quality individual performances, and high-octane action. … Continue reading MBC7 Summary (Part 1)


SSC4 Doubles Write-up and Highlights

Shreveport Smash Crisis 4 took place last Saturday, February 18, in a brand new venue: SBC Games. While only featuring 3 PR players (Ramsaur, Sketchy, and Saint Johns), there was still lots of talent, including out-of-state players Mantiago and Giovanni and North Louisiana's best Pikachu, Gunnermaniac. I hope you enjoy the write-up of this tournament along … Continue reading SSC4 Doubles Write-up and Highlights