GG 4.1 Observations

Some observations on Get Good Smash 4.1, the first of the KLPI Tech biweeklies this season. #1: The other regions owned us While personally I am more than ready to count our Slidell brethren as Tech players just like everyone else, it's hard to feel that way when they're consistently dominating the top placings. For … Continue reading GG 4.1 Observations


ULM Smash Conference 5

The "W-Axis" While a massive turnout made ULM Smash Conference 5 significantly different from the other tournaments this fall season, the final matches were nonetheless familiar. Fighting their way through an impressive 72-man bracket, Christian "Axis" Thibodeaux, Aaron "GroundOwl" Cole, and Devin "EJ" Caffarel finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively, just as they did at … Continue reading ULM Smash Conference 5