Key Terms


As you navigate through the information on this site, you’ll encounter a few different terms that describe different sets of players. Be sure to keep the meaning of these terms in mind as you browse.

The stat sheets currently use 3 different types of player designations, as follows:

PR Players: fairly obvious. This designation denotes players who are either on the current North Louisiana Power Ranking or have been on a past one. This includes Honorable Mentions.

Contenders: In order to earn a stats page on this site, a player must A: defeat a current PR player and/or B: place in the top 4 at an in-region tournament. The “Contender” designation denotes those players who have achieved those requirements but have yet to be placed on the Power Ranking. “Contender” is also used to denote certain skillful out-of-region players who attend tournaments in North Louisiana.

Notable players: A more general term that covers both PR Players and Contenders. Since there was no active PR during the preliminary season, stats from that period use this designation exclusively.


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