PR Résumés: Season 2

Here you will find a quick-hit summary of each potential PR contender’s results for Season 2. Statistics shown are among the most important for PR consideration. Current PR   Absoltastic Average placing: 4.6 Best placings: 2nd at MBC6, 3rd at MBC5 Record vs. PR: 9-14 Top five: 3-13 Bottom five: 6-1 Best wins: Ramsaur, GroundOwl, … Continue reading PR Résumés: Season 2


Beat the PR

Starting in Season 2 (Jan-May 2017), Beat the PR will track how well the current North LA PR members hold their title against the crowd. The first section displays the PR players' records against all non-PR players. The second section tracks how well other notable players in the region perform against the top 10. Record … Continue reading Beat the PR

Stat Rankings: Fall Season

Notable Win % Axis: 81.58% EJ: 72.5% Ramsaur: 70.97% Absoltastic: 59.46% GroundOwl: 54.54% TRiST: 45.45% FRIEND!!!: 41.18% Saint Johns: 40% Sketchy: 37.93% Jrod: 36.36% Limen: 35% Nickels: 29.63% Nin: 28.57% SirLegend: 25% Epic Oswald: 25% Felagund: 15.38% Nova: 10%   Average Placing Axis: 1.5 EJ: 2.13 Ramsaur: 3.33 Absoltastic: 4.0 GroundOwl: 4.8 TRiST: 6.33 Sketchy: … Continue reading Stat Rankings: Fall Season