Here you will find a quick-hit summary of each potential PR contender’s results for Season 2. Statistics shown are among the most important for PR consideration.

Current PR



  • Average placing: 4.6
  • Best placings: 2nd at MBC6, 3rd at MBC5
  • Record vs. PR: 9-14
    • Top five: 3-13
    • Bottom five: 6-1
  • Best wins: Ramsaur, GroundOwl, Sketchy, Giovanni, Nickels
  • Worst loss: 10 Piece

Comments: Overall in season 2, Absol was still that consistent gatekeeper who beat those below him and lost to those above. However, there were more exceptions than last season: Absol took sets from Ramsaur and GroundOwl, while dropping sets to players like Sketchy and Silver. While unable to quite reach top 8 at USC, the most important event of the season, that 9th-place effort was the only time he failed to do so all season. A picture of consistency, the only question of Absol’s placement this season is whether he retains #5 or moves to #4.



  • Average placing: 1.7
  • Best placings: 1st at TC11 and MBC7
  • Record vs. PR: 17-3
    • Top five: 16-3
    • Bottom five: 1-0
  • Best wins: EJ, Ramsaur, Absol, Seven, GroundOwl
  • Worst loss: Talon

Comments: Axis placed highest of all in-region players at USC7, but unfortunately he didn’t get a chance to improve his record against EJ. With a 1-3 record against his hometown friend this season, we’ll see if Axis ends up retaining or losing his perch at #1.



  • Average placing: 3.3
  • Best placings: 1st at MBC5, TC12 & 13, and SSC5
  • Record vs. PR: 11-6
    • Top five: 9-5
    • Bottom five: 2-1
  • Best wins: RJ, Axis, Ramsaur, Mantiago, Absol
  • Worst loss: Ramsaur

Comments: The only thing about EJ’s season that doesn’t scream #1 would be his 2-4 record against Ramsaur. Everything else (3-1 against Axis, wins over RJ and Mantiago, which neither Axis nor Ramsaur could do, 4 first place finishes, etc.) looks like a really strong case for the top spot.



  • Average placing: 4.8
  • Best placings: 3rd at TC10 and MBC6
  • Record vs. PR: 2-8
    • Top five: 2-7
    • Bottom five: 0-1
  • Best wins: Absol, Gunner, DB-Stand, Limen, Epic Oswald
  • Worst loss: Shiplord

Comments: Not a huge amount of tournament data for Owl this season, but plenty to form a ranking placement. His placings were consistent as usual, but his only PR wins were on Absol, who he went even with. His repertoire of wins this season don’t quite stack up with the rest of the top 5. However, GroundOwl is a scary and consistent player in North LA who definitely won’t fall far in ranking, if at all.



  • Average placing: 11.5
  • Best placings: 7th at MBC7
  • Record vs. PR: 3-1
    • Top five: 2-1
    • Bottom five: 1-0
  • Best wins: Saint Johns, Jrod, SirLegend
  • Worst loss: BAWLZ

Comments: Showed up to 4 events this season and ended up a little light on quality wins. Has a good chance to fall off top 10.



  • Average placing: 2.9
  • Best placings: 1st at TC10, 2nd at TC11 & MBC7
  • Record vs. PR: 15-13
    • Top five: 9-11
    • Bottom five: 6-2
  • Best wins: EJ, GroundOwl, Absol, Sketchy, Seven
  • Worst loss: Saint Johns

Comments: Ramsaur has a great 4-2 record against EJ, but an abysmal 0-8 record against Axis. With no in-region losses outside of the PR, Ramsaur seems to be solidified at third place once again.


Saint Johns

  • Average placing: 10.8
  • Best placings: 2nd at SSC4
  • Record vs. PR: 2-3
    • Top five: 2-1
    • Bottom five: 0-2
  • Best wins: Ramsaur, Gunner, Felagund
  • Worst loss: Felagund

Comments: SJ showed up to four events and did amazingly well in one of them. Wins against Ramsaur are hard to come by in North LA, but outside of those two sets, he hasn’t done a lot.



  • Average placing: 19
  • Best placings: 9th at MBC6
  • Record vs. PR: 0-4
    • Top five: 0-3
    • Bottom five: 0-1
  • Best wins: N/A
  • Worst loss: 10 Piece

Comments: Literally didn’t beat anyone. Will not be on PR for season 2.



  • Average placing: 6.9
  • Best placings: 2nd at TC10, 3rd at MBC7 and TC13
  • Record vs. PR: 3-10
    • Top five: 2-10
    • Bottom five: 1-0
  • Best wins: RJ, GroundOwl, Absol, Seven, Saint Johns
  • Worst loss: TY

Comments: Has basically the highest highs and lowest lows in the region. With perfect attendance, Sketchy has a LOT of data, and a good measure of inconsistency. His wins and placements are probably enough to keep him in the top 6 in my mind, and his only target for moving up could be GroundOwl, who he defeated the only time they met this season. Even so, moving up to #5 could be a long shot.


Epic Oswald

  • Average placing: 13.8
  • Best placings: 5th at TC10
  • Record vs. PR: 0-6
    • Top five: 0-5
    • Bottom five: 0-1
  • Best wins: Nickels, Limen, SweetFlying, Felagund, Jrod
  • Worst loss: Shiplord

Comments: Oswald has several good wins around his level this season, but none against the PR. He also only achieved one top 8 finish this season, and that was back in January. A 25th-place finish at USC7, his last tournament of the season, doesn’t go very far toward making a PR case.



  • Average placing: 12.3
  • Best placings: 5th at TC12, 7th at TC11
  • Record vs. PR: 1-4
    • Top five: 0-3
    • Bottom five: 1-1
  • Best wins: Saint Johns, Nova, Epic Oswald, Jrod
  • Worst loss: Vulgan

Comments: Not enough quality wins or consistency to achieve top 10, in my opinion.



  • Average placing: 7.3
  • Best placings: 2nd at SSC3, 5th at SSC4
  • Record vs. PR: 3-2
    • Top five: 0-1
    • Bottom five: 3-1
  • Best wins: Mantiago, Sketchy, Nickels
  • Worst loss: Okuu

Comments: Very, very few people have taken sets of Mantiago in North LA. This win and his 3-0 record on Sketchy are Gunner’s best performances this season. He also loses to literally any Corrin. The low end of the PR is certainly a possibility for this Brawl vet.



  • Average placing: 18.6
  • Best placings: 9th at MBC5 and TC11
  • Record vs. PR: 0-4
    • Top five: 0-1
    • Bottom five: 0-3
  • Best wins: Nickels
  • Worst loss: Vulgan

Comments: Only has one quality win for the season. Maybe season 3 will be better.



  • Average placing: 10.3
  • Best placings: 5th at MBC5, 7th at TC11
  • Record vs. PR: 3-6
    • Top five: 0-4
    • Bottom five: 3-2
  • Best wins: Sketchy, Nin, SweetFlying, Felagund, SirLegend
  • Worst loss: Duckbot

Comments: Limen had stronger showings more in the first half of the season than the second. A win on Sketchy is helpful, but Limen also has 8 losing records against other PR contenders, with only 2 such positive records.



  • Average placing: 6.8
  • Best placings: 3rd at TC12,  5th at SSC3 and TC11
  • Record vs. PR: 4-10
    • Top five: 0-10
    • Bottom five: 4-0
  • Best wins: Gunner, Sketchy, Nin, SweetFlying, Brawlerg
  • Worst loss: RICO

Comments: The most likely to enter PR for the first time. Wins over Gunner and Brawlerg help. Winless against top 5, undefeated against bottom 5. We’ll see exactly where in the bottom 5 he ends up.



  • Average placing: 11.6
  • Best placings: 4th at SSC5, 5th at TC10, 7th at SSC4
  • Record vs. PR: 1-3
    • Top five: 0-3
    • Bottom five: 1-0
  • Best wins: Sketchy, Limen, Felagund
  • Worst loss: Vulgan

Comments: Nova has shown flashes of absolute brilliance this season, but she hasn’t put together a solid and consistent resume thus far. She’s only played against 7 statistically relevant people in total, which is really low compared to most others. This small concentration of data makes it hard to guess how she would fare against the rest of the North LA cast.



  • Average placing: 4.5
  • Best placings: 1st at MBC6, 5th at MBC7 and TC13
  • Record vs. PR: 5-6
    • Top five: 3-4
    • Bottom five: 2-2
  • Best wins: Ramsaur, GroundOwl, Sketchy, Absol, Limen
  • Worst loss: Sketchy

Comments: Seven proved he deserves PR consideration from the moment he decided to actually come out to events. With a first place finish, several PR wins, and no losses outside of the PR, Seven will surely wind up somewhere between 5-8 in my opinion.



  • Average placing: 11
  • Best placings: 7th at MBC6 & 7
  • Record vs. PR: 2-4
    • Top five: 1-3
    • Bottom five: 1-1
  • Best wins: GroundOwl, Saint Johns, Limen, Epic Oswald, Talon
  • Worst loss: 10 Piece

Comments: Shiplord was a fairly late addition to the contender ranks, but a win over GroundOwl deserves recognition. He has a decent little group of wins, but not a lot of data to go off of.



  • Average placing: 10
  • Best placings: 7th at TC13
  • Record vs. PR: 2-1
    • Top five: 1-0
    • Bottom five: 1-1
  • Best wins: Absol, SweetFlying, Talon, SirLegend
  • Worst lossYODA

Comments: Silver burst into relevance with an epic win against Absol, as well as also defeating SirLegend. He’s racked up one or two other wins since then, but he may have hit his stride a little too late to be ranked this season. We’ll see!



  • Average placing: 10
  • Best placings: 5th at SSC4, 7th at SSC3
  • Record vs. PR: 2-7
    • Top five: 0-3
    • Bottom five: 2-4
  • Best wins: Sketchy, Nin, Limen, Nova, 10 Piece
  • Worst loss: Ponkapa

Comments: When trying to evaluate players on the cusp of possibly entering the PR, looking at the records against those around them is helpful. Sweet is positive on 5 of those players, even with 1, and negative to 3. Not bad. Two PR wins also isn’t awful comparatively. We’ll see if it’s enough to propel SweetFlying onto that coveted PR image.



  • Average placing: 14
  • Best placings: 5th at TC12
  • Record vs. PR: 1-5
    • Top five: 1-5
    • Bottom five: N/A
  • Best wins: Axis, Limen, Jrod, Okuu
  • Worst loss: Shiplord

Comments: Amazing win on Axis, but not a ton else. Season 3 is where I expect Talon to start making his bid for PR.


10 Piece

  • Average placing: 9.8
  • Best placing: 4th at MBC7, 5th at MBC6, 7th at SSC4
  • Record vs. PR: 4-7
    • Top five: 2-4
    • Bottom five: 2-3
  • Best wins: Absol, Sketchy, Limen, Silver, SirLegend
  • Worst loss: Ponkapa

Comments: Aside from being the lead TO this season, 10 Piece also lowkey has a good resume for a #9 or 10 PR spot. 3 quality PR wins and a few other wins, and no really bad losses. To quote his buddy Tyre, hmmmm.



  • Average placing: 10
  • Best placings: 9th at every SSC
  • Record vs. PR: 1-0
    • Top five: N/A
    • Bottom five: 1-0
  • Best wins: Nin, Talon
  • Worst loss: Afro

Comments: Not a lot of data here. I mean, only one set against the PR. Needs to become more involved before he can be truly considered, in my opinion.


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