Shreveport Smash Crisis 4 took place last Saturday, February 18, in a brand new venue: SBC Games. While only featuring 3 PR players (Ramsaur, Sketchy, and Saint Johns), there was still lots of talent, including out-of-state players Mantiago and Giovanni and North Louisiana’s best Pikachu, Gunnermaniac. I hope you enjoy the write-up of this tournament along with some exciting teams highlights.

The Bracket can be found here.

Check out the North LA Smash YouTube Channel to watch the VoDs for yourself

Winners Round 1

Barely 10 seconds into their first set of the day, Gunnermaniac and Giovanni waste no time showing us how scary they can be. Each taking a super early stock in their respective 1v1’s, these players demonstrated even without team combos just how dangerous two great singles players can be in doubles.

Johnny and Jino struck back with the classic double Cloud in game 2. Here Johnny catches Gunnermaniac’s dash attack at the ledge with limit cross slash, and Jino follows up with charged Upsmash. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough, and Gunnermaniac and Giovanni took the set 2-0.

While cloud’s Fsmash would definitely have killed here, style is all about doing what is unnecessary, and 10 Piece shows us he knows more than how to run a good tournament with this slick Back Air. The two Monroe players ended up taking this set 2-0.

Sketchy & Nova won the last Round 1 set 2-0 over Superwolf & Phe’chaugn.

Winners Round 2

Ramsaur & Sweetflying win 2-0 vs Sketchy & Nova

Mantiago & Cinnamin win 2-0 vs 2Point0 & Ominous

Saint Johns & 10 Piece win 2-1 vs Sd_king & Afro

Gunnermaniac & Giovannia win 2-0 vs Warmonger & Silver

Losers Round 1

Newcomers Superwolf & Phe’chaugn showed off some great team synergy in this clip. Phe’chaugn’s awareness, even after getting smacked away by Roy, let him land this Fair spike off of Mario’s Backthrow. Robin did manage to make it back from this hit, but that didn’t stop Superwolf & Phe’chaugn from winning the set 2-0.

Gatlin Sal shows off the power of Roy’s Sword of Seals with this double KO upsmash early into game 2. For good measure, he also powershields his teammate’s arrow. Gatlin Sal and Striker would use this early momentum to win this game and take the set 2-0.

Sketchy & Nova get their revenge on a Mario & Cloud team with their 2-0 win vs Johnny & Jino.

Losers Round 2

Superwolf & Phe’chaugn win 2-0 vs Sd_king & Afro

Sketchy & Nova win 2-1 vs Striker & Gatlin Sal

Winners Semis

After losing game 1 as Rosalina, Giovanni switched to Mario for games 2 and 3. After perfectly setting up Gunnermaniac’s Down-B, he can’t quite get into place for his Up-B follow up here. Nevertheless, it’s an impressive team combo for the first game he played as Mario that day. Gunnermaniac & Giovanni take the set 2-1 over the Monroe team of Saint Johns & 10 Piece.

On the other side of the Bracket, Ramsaur & Sweetflying take a 2-0 victory over Mantiago & Cinnamin.

Losers Quarters

Mantiago & Cinnamin win 2-0 vs Superwolf & Phe’chaugn

Sketchy & Nova win 2-1 vs Striker & Gatlin Sal

Losers Semis

Mantiago & Cinnamin take a 2-0 victory vs Sketchy & Nova.

Winners Finals


Using two of this region’s more disliked characters, Ramsaur & Sweetflying made use of this simple but deadly combo to score multiple early kills. Ramsaur & Sweetflying secure their spot in Grand Finals with a 3-1 win vs Gunnermaniac & Giovanni.

Losers Finals

Gunnermaniac & Giovanni end Mantiago & Cinnamin’s losers run and earn their runback vs Ramsaur & Sweetflying with a 3-1 win.

Grand Finals

Showing off yet another one of his tournament-ready characters, Giovanni lands Corrin’s powerful counter on every other character in play. This exchange ends up in Ramsaur & Sweetflying’s favor, however, and they take game 1.

After trading games 1-1 with Megaman, Giovanni brought back out his Rosalina for game 4. Rosalina’s light weight would prove detrimental as Ramsaur is able to score a very early kill here with an interesting team combo.

Using the classic trump to back air, Ramsaur closes out the last stock and he & Sweetflying win doubles from Winners side with another 3-1 victory over Gunnermaniac & Giovanni.

Expect to see more of our obnoxious Mario/Cloud team in future doubles brackets. Huge shoutouts to Isiah for running the event and both he and Paul for recording all these matches for us. Thanks for reading, and check back for some highlights from singles I’ll be posting soon. – Sweetflying


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